Did Trump Go Full Retard On That Reporter, Serge Kovaleski?

Let me further note on this rebuttal that at worst… Trump’s way of communicating is what is “full retard,” and not Presidential. Could you picture the Gipper doing this? Or Carly Fiorina, or Ted Cruz, or Bobby Jindal? Nope… that is because they respect the office. But this is what people wanted.

Dennis Prager takes calls on Trump mocking the disabled Washington Post (WaPo) reporter, Serge Kovaleski. The best rebuttal of the media’s narrative on this can be found at CATHOLICS 4 TRUMP.

I adapted [added to] some video from ANGIE GROVER, using it to bolster the point with the caller who has adopted the media narrative in full. Take note she does change her previous position.

And yes, Serge DID write about celebrations. Again, this is all well documented at Catholics 4 Trump.