Democrat Looney Toons

NewsBusters has a story about conservative candidates being covered in their various failings, but not the Democratic candidates:

(Jeff Greene… following in JFK’s footsteps)

Jeff Greene’s Boat Summerwind is the “Levi Johnston of Yachts”

  • Convicted rapist and former boxer Mike Tyson traveled through Europe aboard the Summerwind with Greene in 2005, and recently had to clarify that he did not do drugs while aboard the yacht. Though he did do drugs during the trip, in Amsterdam, just not he claims, on the boat.
  • Back in 2005, the Belize government claimed that Summerwind caused major damage to coral along one of the country’s most economically important coral reefs. Greene denies knowing anything about the incident.
  • In 2007, the Yacht broke the embargo by docking in Cuba. Greene claims it was for emergency maintenance, and he took the opportunity to visit Cuban synagogues. The St. Pete Times says of the stop, “everybody talked about the vomit caked all over the sides from all the partying going on.”
  • Sharyn Peach, a Fort Lauderdale woman who used to work as a stewardess for Greene aboard the yacht, recently wrote of her time aboard for our sister paper: “Working on Greene’s 145-foot Choy Lee yacht was like being ‘locked’ in Studio 54 in its prime. It was nothing short of ‘Sex, Drugs, and Techno Music.’ Celebrities, ‘hired’ party girls, mayhem, and debauchery. I saw more tits and ass in one night on Jeff Greene’s Summerwind than I have for the past seven years on South Beach …The real partying started in Sag Harbor, New York. That’s when a deckhand and Mr. Greene would go to a place named the Sex Castle and come back with new women almost daily. …Shortly after that party, I found four lines of cocaine in Mr. Greene’s stateroom bathroom marble vanity.”
  • A 2009 account of Greene’s yacht habbit in The Greatest Trade Ever went like this: “Greene brought two Ukrainian strippers on board to make a cameo appearance and hired stewardesses from coastal towns to serve as his crew. Some doubled as massage therapists, which came in handy after a day of scuba diving, Jet Skiing or kayaking.”
  • Several former employees of the yacht describe Greene as just a horrible, horrible boss.
  • Just this past New Years Eve, Lindsay Lohan was a guest on the yacht while in St. Tropez.