Could You Imagine This Type of Support from O`Donnell for Bush ~ Me Neither

O’Donnell schooled by chess-player:

From video description:

On MSNBC’s The Last Word on September 16, after former chess champion and Russian political activist Garry Kasparov charged that President Obama had “blown up [the] reputation of his office” by allowing Russian President Vladimir Putin to talk him down from his “red line” warning against Syria, host Lawrence O’Donnell tried to argue that Obama had not really lost face since he never specifically promised military action, even though the President warned of “enormous consequences” if chemical weapons were used.

Kasparov called out O’Donnell’s spin: “Now, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, I think, I agree that that was the goal, and that’s why President said, “red line.” I understand that red line means that if somebody crosses red line, then you act and don’t talk anymore.”


Take note the agreement does not include biological weapons: