Can You get Covid-19 Twice (+ Herd Immunity)

It is interesting that I had a similar thing said to me this past Saturday (June 26th) as the first truncated call (from Monday, June 28th) — which is why I grabbed it. John Phillip’s is out and I include two separate days. The first fill in radio host is Randy Wang (zero to 1:26 mark | can you get it twice), the second is Larry O’Connor (1:27 mark to the end | herd immunity). The questions are being asked of *Dr. Kelly Victory

(I have been talking about the “cycle counts” for a long time, BTW. My latest being here.)

*Docs Bio

  • “I met her through a friend, and find her to be an amazing person,” Phillips said. “She has numerous degrees from elite universities. She is a trauma doctor. She is the world’s greatest cook, greatest gardener, runs marathons… She’s one of the rare individuals who excel at everything” — John Phillips

BS from Duke Univ. and MD from the U. of North Carolina

Board certified trauma and emergency specialist with over 15 years of clinical experience

CMO for large company — delivered on-site healthcare for the employees and their families of Fortune 500 companies

Expert in disaster preparedness and the medical management of mass casualties

Member of the Leadership Council at Harvard School of Public Health (Harvard School of Public Health and Kennedy School of Government) to train leaders on  national disaster preparedness and response

Teacher of courses for first responders, community leaders, and organizations to limit casualties and enhance resiliency