California Rainfall Almost Normal In 2014 (Hillary Clinton Update)

Via Not A Lot of People Know That… Hillary’s “drought” is-all bark-and-no-bit:

Hillary Clinton called out climate change “deniers” at a clean energy conference in Las Vegas Thursday evening, but revealed little new about what her own energy policy platform might look like if she decides to run for president.

Clinton began her remarks at the National Clean Energy Summit by laying out the problems climate change is already causing today, including extreme weather and droughts. “[These are] the most consequential, urgent, sweeping collection of challenges we face,” she said. “No matter what deniers say.”…

(MSNBC 9/2014)

This comes by way of Climate Depot, but is mentioned in detail at Not A Lot of People Know That’s site.

...Almost Normal

Precipitation in 2014 was actually close to normal, ranking 44th driest since 1895.


A look at the 60-Month averages shows much more severe droughts in the 20thC. As with all droughts, it will take time for water reserves to build back up again. But it has done so before from much lower levels and there is no reason to suppose it won’t do again.

But, in the height of fear mongering a bill was passed that will assist in the destruction of dams in California… making water preservation for droughts much harder. Giving California tax-payer funds to eco-nuts. Dumb.