Bitter Pill: Risperdal (an Attention Deficit Disorder Drug)

Here’s one of my stories on the ADD drug Risperdal, with side effects causing little boys to grow breasts & sometimes “feel like a girl” & get mastectomies. In whose interest would it be to not want wider questions asked about our youth population?

First order of business – “what the effe?”

The U.S. is one of the most over-prescribed countries in the world and there are millions of cases of adverse drug reactions every year. Full Measure examines one widely-prescribed pill that’s had devastating side effects for young boys. This is an older story (August 7, 2016), but found it because of Sharyl’s Tweeting it.

  • Last month, a Philadelphia jury awarded $70 million dollars to the family of a boy who developed breasts at the age of five after taking Risperdal. Johnson and Johnson is challenging that verdict, the largest to date. Jurors found the company intentionally falsified, destroyed or concealed evidence in the case. In 2013, Johnson and Johnson paid $2.2 billion dollars to settle a host of criminal and civil fraud claims for illegally marketing Risperdal and other drugs. The firm won’t say how much money it’s made from Risperdal or how many are taking it.