Biden vs Biden [and Biden’s Admin/Democrats/Facts] (Updated)

A friend posted the following on Facebook:

One of this friend’s – friend’s responded:

  • PRESIDENT Biden is just trying to clear up the mess the former occupant of the White House left…

I respond:

He cleaned up the former Prez’s issue by ripping up agreements….

    • The Biden administration said on Saturday [Feb 7th] it was immediately suspending Trump-era asylum agreements with El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.
    • As well as ending the “remain in Mexico” policy. Which is maybe why they will “reimplement” Trump’s policy’s to combat Trump’s policies??

LOL: Biden Accidentally Admits He Will Re-Establish TRUMP Border Policy as Crisis Spirals Out Of Control (TRENDING POLITICS)

The above bullet pointed story is one of many in the description of my upload….

I coble together some reminders that this crisis is all Biden’s doing.

Here are the linked stories:

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