A Personal Request from RPT (a Father, Me)

Please-please read and consider a donation. Thank you in advance for any help towards giving my son an advantage. GO FUND ME: My wife and I are giving our son $1,000, so the fund is $1,800

  • As many of you know (friends/family), and maybe some who do not (patriotic persons/parents), my son was a Marine for 6-years, and now is ARMY. He has come to us with a request that right now we cannot fulfill in total. Where he is asked to serve our nation he will have to have a vigilant eye and keep a tactical advantage. As parents we want to give him any advantage to succeed in a situation for his life and the life of his mates. So we are asking [as parents] for any help in reaching the $2,800 mark for this scope for his rifle he must have chambered at all times. My son will not be in country for his birthday my 50th birthday is in Marchso if you need reasons to give even a dollarall of it will go for the below TRIJICON VCOG® 1-8X28 RIFLESCOPE (MANUFACTURERS WEBSITE | A video review of the scope can be FOUND HERE)