WOW! Dave Rubin Says Obama Has Destroyed “Fear” of America

On OraTV’s ‘Politicking,’ conservative talk show host Dennis Prager was surprised by progressive Dave Rubin admitting it a problem President Barack Obama has destroyed the world’s “fear” of America. Prager said it doesn’t bode well for Obama when the people on the left think he has diminished America’s global standing…

Libertarian Republican added to the convo:

….Watch as Prager practically does the back flip with joy after Rubin admits:

“there’s no fear. We’ve lost our deterrence of fear. And I do think that’s a problem…”

Exit question – Great. The left is even acknowledging Obama’s a weenie. Now how about the left-libertarians, Ron Paulists, non-interventionists? When are they going to acknowledge that weakness makes us vulnerable to communist expansionism (i.e. Castro-istas in Venezuela, Central America), and moreover Islamic terrorism?

A Liberal Progressive Caller Explains to Dennis Prager Why He Won’t Vote for Obama Again

A caller explains to Dennis Prager some of his thinking behind why he will not be voting again for Obama. Prager ends with the example of the highest echelons of the Obama administration calling teachers racists… and creating legislation within the Education Department because of this false premise.

Violent Democrats/Liberals: Mob Violence Diverted By Democrat Thankfully

HotAir h/t –

…If you want to know why Michelle Litjens and other Republicans need a police escort around the Capitol, now you know. Click the image to watch.

After watching this video a few times, I think the union members were very near violence. This Democrat stepped in just in time. Either way this tactic the unions are using are the same one’s the Democrat Socialists used to install some unmentionables into power. Here is a section from an old post that I imported from an even older post from my old site:


For instance, a librarian at Ohio University recommended the book The Marketing of Evil: How Radicals, Elitists, and Pseudo-Experts Sell Us Corruption Disguised as Freedom and was voted on by his fellow professors 21-0 [with nine abstentions, so kinda like 30-0] as being a sexual harasser for recommending a conservative book. Sounds somewhat fascist to me.

See blog for Friday, April 14, 2006 (political commentary):

TigerHawk – “Shame of Ohio State Univesity”

The political commentators of the same political philosophy, when on campuses are shouted down and threatened with bodily harm (Ann Coulter), when opposing viewpoints are not shouted down on university campuses, and the guests dont need bodyguards (Cindy Sheehan).

See blog (political commentary):

Audacious Epigone – “Fascism in Connecticut”

So why do conservative politicians and speakers need police and security details when democratic one’s do not?