Almost a 3rd of Millennial’s Doubt Earth’s Roundness

In the poll, most of the skeptical kids just didn’t commit to saying it is round. I think they may have been afraid that they would offend someone — not necessarily thinking the earth is flat.

Just how unforgivably has government-run education been letting down youth? One indication is the percentage of 18- to 24-year olds who don’t know the Earth is round:

YouGov, a British market research firm, polled 8,215 adults in the United States to find out if they ever believed in the “flat Earth” movement. Only 66 percent of young millennials answered that they “always believe the world is round.”

Another nine percent […] of young adults said they thought the planet was spherical but had doubts about it. In a disturbing display of indecision, 16 percent of millennials said they weren’t sure what the shape of the planet was.

On the positive side, they know how to recycle, that economic freedom makes it be too hot out for the sacred man-eating polar bears, and that America is racist.

It is revealing that the younger the age group, the more likely people are to be unaware that the world is round, falling from a peak of 94% for those 55 and over. This presumably reflects the dumbing down of society by failed public schools and the ever more idiotic media.


My favorite rewriting of a headline is this one by LIBERTY DAILY:

Here is more from the article linked:

Only two-thirds of millennials fully believe that the Earth is round, according to a study conducted by the British firm YouGov. The rest are open to the possibility that we’re living on a flat planet. Or, they aren’t quite sure.

Under the study, a total of 8,215 American millennials and other age groups were asked a series of questions about whether they believe the world is round or flat.

Here’s how they responded:

  • I have always believed the world is round: 66 percent.
  • I always thought the world is round, but more recently I am skeptical/have doubts: 9 percent.
  • I always thought the world is flat, but more recently I am skeptical/have doubts: 5 percent.
  • I have always believed the world is flat: 4 percent.
  • Other/Not sure: 16 percent.

What about other adults?

Overall, an overwhelming majority of Americans — 84 percent — believe the Earth is round, the study found. But at least 5 percent said they used to believe that, but now have doubts and question whether the Earth is actually flat……

I wonder if THESE are the kids Obama called smart and were “waiting” for? Does he have there backs?

Maybe, just maybe, instead of making NASA an outreach for Muslims, he should of funded them for space exploration?

Proving the Earth Is Flat… With Steam Rockets (MAD Mike Hughes)

This was a very funny post by HOT AIR:

Before you rush off to your family dinners and celebrations, we should take a moment today and give a tip of the hat to a man with a vision. I’m not sure if this is one of those visions which result from too many doses of hallucinogenic drugs or something, but it’s clearly a vision of some sort. A California man by the name of Mike Hughes is going to finish his turkey dinner, take a couple of days to make some final preparations and then launch himself into the sky in a rocket of his own design on Saturday. But this is no challenger to Elon Musk we’re talking about here. Mike is using steam power for his spacecraft and the reason for the flight is even more spectacular. He’s going to prove that the Earth is flat (Washington Post)…



…He’s known by the moniker “Mad Mike” but is he really crazy? More to the point, I have to wonder if he even believes in this Flat Earth stuff or if that’s just a hook to draw more of an audience. I mean, how does anyone buy into that idea if they have enough of an IQ to tie their own shoes? (With apologies to a couple of NBA players.) Come on, man. Even I laugh at the Flat Earth people and I pay for a yearly Plus membership at Mysterious Universe.

All joking aside, my first impression when I heard about this story was to assume that on Saturday, Hughs is going to die. Or at least be horribly maimed. But now that I’ve seen some of his exploits on film, he does indeed seem to have learned enough of the basic mechanics involved to build a functional rocket powered by steam. But now he’s shooting for a one-mile flight at speeds in excess of 500 mph. How far can this guy push his luck before a mistake becomes terminal?

And even worse, what if he reaches the desired altitude and takes a picture, only to find out that the world is round after all? I hate to burst the guy’s bubble but I’ve actually traveled the entire way around the globe, leaving from California heading west and coming back home from the east. Trust me, Mike… there’s no edge.

But we’ll end with the same question I was circling around above. Can Mike Hughes actually do this and not die? Hey… Evel Knievel lived to be nearly 70 and wound up dying of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Stranger things have happened and I sort of miss the age of the original daredevils. Give ’em hell, Mike. And if you do find an edge to the world, try to be careful. That first step is a doozy.

The Flat Earth (CMI)

Best takeaway line from the video:

  • “…this new flat earthism clearly has a northern hemisphere bias…”

Heh, I would say that the this bias is perpetrated by imperialist white supremacist Christian cisgender capitalist heteropatriarchal males. Now… chant with me: “It is our duty to fight for our freedom – It is our duty to win – …We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

THE BIBLE DOESN’T TEACH THIS: Is the ’erets (earth) flat? — Equivocal language in the geography of Genesis 1 and the Old Testament: a response to Paul H. Seely;

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  • “The Flat Earth Society is an active organization currently led by a Virginian man named Daniel Shenton. Though Shenton believes in evolution and global warming, he and his hundreds, if not thousands, of followers worldwide also believe that the Earth is a disc that you can fall off of.”

(SOURCE: Arguments we think creationists should NOT use)

Extra Media

An Islamic Loony Toones Break (Flat-Earth)

Saudi Arabian cleric Sheikh Bandar al-Khaibari has claimed that the Earth is stationary and the sun rotates around it in a speech he gave to students AT A UNIVERSITY in the United Arab Emirates on Sunday. The claims have since been mocked by Twitter users and Cambridge University scientists alike. We take a look at video of the Muslim cleric’s attempt to debunk the rotation theory.