I A-c-t-u-a-l-l-y Agree: Rich, White Guys ARE Evil!

Who would of thunk? I a-c-t-u-a-l-l-y agree with liberals! I too think rich, white, men are evil and are ruining both our country, and the world!

I apologize… for us — even if I am poor:

….Now take a look at the top executives at eight of the top 10 groups devoted to fighting that “Global Warming” fight:

  • Sierra Club? White male.
  • Nature Conservancy? White male.
  • League of Conservation Voters? White male.
  • World Wildlife Fund? White male.
  • Environmental Defense Fund? White male.
  • Friends of the Earth? White male.
  • National Audubon Society? White male.
  • Nature Conservancy? White male.

Check your privilege, greenies. (http://tinyurl.com/kmm977b)

WOW! These white males ARE ruining the country! (Editors note, two things: 1. I like when a presupposition from within a religious or political premise is applied on itself; 2. I am beginning to agree with the left that white males are evil!)

The below is from Progressives Today: