Work and Church Tomorrow, What I Did Today

I have to work tomorrow and then the boy and I have church… well, he has church. I read while he’s in his class. So I will hit it again on Thursday. Today I got to P on the blogroll and I got another page  up. My Quotes page is the import of all the quotes from my old blog. This is an important part of Religio-Political Talk, and after I get settled in I will continue to make it grow. Maybe sometime I will alphabatize it. But for now, the newest quotes are added at the top. Not the first quote, that will always stay:

I quote others only the better to express myself.

(Michel de Montaigne)

Like I said, this is a work in project. I am very happy with this template. The comments work now so I can resume a “caption fest” or two. There is soo much to blog about and link to this week. “Aaargh.” I have checked every site in my blogroll to make sure they were current (posted this year). I think there is a blog or two that is not current, but either there are articles that are timeless written by professors or pundits. But 98% of the blogroll links are live (as of 7-13-10 at least). One site I went to today had this photo… it made me laugh!

Could you imagine opening a buddy’s fridge and seeing this grisly scene! Since I like dark beers, I would have to save the “Negra.” Natural Light! Yuck!. At any rate, I hope to be back up on Saturday or Sunday. God bless you guys and gals. I will have a question for my Aussi/Kiwi readers when I am done transferring all the links over… so look for it.