Vacation (Alaska and then Idaho) ~ Doing the Opposite of `Climate Refugees` (see below)

Headed to Alaska on a cruise and then inland for a family function. I will not be up and running (I do have two Serious Saturdays set to automatically appear [below this post] over the next two Saturdays) till after the 5th of August. Have fun hunting for stories my fellow Religio-Political conservatives. Of course my trip wouldn’t be complete without posting thatAGW alarmists use the earth’s wobble to say “climate change” is man’s fault:

Real Science:

This is just what they warned us about. Global warming is forcing people to move south to warmer climates.

Cold Winter and Summer Have Some Ready to Leave Alaska

After record-breaking winter, cool summer is a bummer

ANCHORAGE – After a record-breaking winter, we are now headed for one of the coldest months of July on record.
And it has some Alaskans thinking it may be time to leave the great land.

By Alaska summer standards, it’s been a pretty cool and gloomy start to the beginning of July.

The temps may be setting records, but it’s not the first summer that’s been less than sunny – and some people say they’ve had enough.

Who’s colder today: Anchorage or Barrow, Alaska?

By Alaska’s summer standards, it’s been cool in South-Central Alaska this month and especially this week. (By lower 48 standards, it’s flat out cold). It’s been so cool in Anchorage that for the past two days (July 11 and 12) high temperatures have been colder than Barrow, the 9th northermost city in the world, which is more than 700 miles to the north of Alaska’s largest city.

On July 11, Anchorage had a high temperature of 56º. July 12 topped out at 54º. Both days set records for the lowest maximum temperature. And for all of July thus far, no day at the Anchorage Forecast office has seen a daily high at or above the average (65-66º). [Climate log:]

Moreover, July is normally the warmest month of the year on average in Anchorage. This July is the coldest on record (so far) by more than 1.5º with an average monthly temperature of 52.7º. The coolest July on record occurred in 1920 with an average monthly temperature of 54.4º.