UPDATE on Computer Virus

Well, I am back up and running. After hours of playing with the computer, my tech guy and I decided to reinstall Windows 7. During this long and arduous task (more for my tech guy) we talked about Microsoft and how a neighbor disdained it. Josh, my tech guy, mentioned that he does as well and that he runs Linux. So did my neighbor. So, to cut to the chase, I am dual loading these two programs, Windows 7, and Linux Ubuntu. I imagine I will ween myself off of Microsoft and merge into Linux. A natural course I imagine for Internet hobbyists. Since I am completely a noob with Linux, feel free to give me any advice that helped you get into the program and its features smoothly. I have yet to really play with it… as I am reauthorizing all my programs I bought (its all freeware on Linux I guess). There are a few programs I love that i have purchased. I love the AVS stuff. If someone can point me to a similar program. Its video file changing capabilities and audio file conversion stuff is of legends. I also use a program called Replay Video Capture. I use this a lot as well… if anyone knows of a similar program, let me know. ALSO, can my i-pod still work with Linux????? I will search for this stuff, but if anyone knows off hand, please let me know. All I use Vegas Studio for is to overlay photos/graphics over audio or to blur a “copyright” (like ABC News) graph out. So I am sure this is an easy find. Lots of questions that I am sure YouTube will answer eventually. So I will start posting tomorrow (Thursday). Just thought I would get you caught up on the “biz” at hand.