I really have no respect for people that use this as a means to dislike Trump, but not other politicians.


1st) All politicians are narcissists in some respect. Especially the President — They say, “out of 330-million people I am the only one fit to lead the nation well.” (Or whatever number of people for that President, for instance – in 1957 there were 171-million people in these United States when 116,000 people died of a virus).

2nd) If you compare the previous President, his use of the “first person pronoun[s]” was immeasurable:

So, yes. Donald Trump is a narcissist. But he is not the first narcissist to sit in the Oval Office. In fact, the man he replaced was perhaps even more so…although he kept it cloaked in a veil of cool and protected by a Praetorian Guard media. To illustrate the point, here’s some contrasting analysis. You can draw your own conclusions. Let’s compare their two re-election bid convention speeches. Obama’s in 2012 vs. Trump’s just last week. If one does a deep dive into the transcripts some interesting and revealing findings emerge. Here is some data. Obama’s 2012 acceptance speech ran around 4,600 words, whereas Trump’s was longer at roughly 6,700. What is interesting is the number of times the first person singular, each President’s references to himself, was used. For example, even though Trump’s speech had 2,100 more words in the text, Obama used the word “I” 59 times, compared to Trump’s 46 times. And he used the word “me” nine times compared to Trump’s three. So Trump’s speech was 45 percent longer, yet it was Obama who seemed enamored with himself, deploying the first-person singular 68 times to Trump’s 49. I omit the word “my” as both men used this word in the context of “my wife,” “my children,” “my grandfather,” “my brother,” so that may be forgiven. But the prevalence of “I” and “me” is telling…..


3rd) Joe Biden was given the Ukraine and China to handle via Obama. And he took Hunter along with him to set up “side-deals” to launder money for him through “pay-for-play” criminal activity. Hunter had a semblance of a normal life, but was soon kicked out of the military, divorced, had an affair and a kid with his brothers’ widow, had another kid with another woman. Was criminally involved with the ruthless Chinese government who probably fed him sex and drug filled escapades with underage girls and crack.


One who thinks so highly of himself that no matter the means he will enrich himself.

A Narcissist.

A Criminal Narcissist.

In a previous post I noted this – as a way to compare where rhetoric meets reality… my Narcissist is waay more trustworthy:

So… when Trump’s taxes were released (hacked? Um… hello Twitter? [/sarcasm] they showed he was in fact under audit, and, that no payments from Russian oligarchs or bank happened. HOWEVER, we found out that Hunter Biden in fact received 3.5 million dollars from the wife of the ex-mayor of Moscow… now we know why. And Hunter Biden had ZERO to do with what was being asked.


Joe Biden.

It is comical in an ultimate issues way that almost everything the Democrats say Trump has done the Democrats have ACTUALLY done.

Like I said, the hits keep coming. I feel bad for the people that voted weeks ago.

Oh well. Your loss that you have voted for everything you hate about Trump.