The Person In This Interview Was Killed Shortly After This Witnessing Event

From the YouTube Site:

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Over the past few years evangelizing at downtown Huntington Beach, California I have met a lot of folks and made friends with many atheists that you could call “regulars.”

Ken, rides his bike to Pier Plaza (Where Ray, Scotty and I open air) and loves to talk about dinosaurs. While Dallas is typically on his bike as-well, he enjoys a good debate on biological adaptations. Jurgen, would usually keep to himself working on his tan by the stadium seating at the Plaza, only to heckle Ray, Scotty and I every so often.

A few weekends had gone by before I realized I hadn’t seen Jurgen’s familiar face around. Just a week ago I was informed that Jurgen was involved in a tragedy. As he was riding his bike downtown he was knocked down into the street by a truck and then sadly struck to death by a second vehicle that I imagine could not maneuver out of the way in time.

I remember seeing a past time interview that Jurgen had done with Ray in which Ray was pleading with him that he never knew when he would die! Jurgen just kind of brushed it off and said he thought he had another “20 years.”

Here James E. Ballidis reports on the tragedy:

“69-year-old bicyclist Jurgen Ankenbrand died last Wednesday evening after two vehicles struck him in the intersection of Brookhurst Street and Villa Pacific Drive in Huntington Beach. Ankenbrand had been riding along the driver side of a dark colored Toyota 4Runner when the vehicle struck him while turning left onto Brookhurst Street. The driver of the 4Runner fled after knocking him off of his bicycle, leaving him down in the southbound No. 1 lane of Brookhurst, where a white Honda Odyssey van subsequently struck him.”

Last Friday Ray Comfort came into my office at the end of the day as we talked a bit and reflected on some of the memories we had of Jurgen. I remembered that I had sitting in the hard drive of my computer an interview with Jurgen done just weeks before his death. I pulled it up on the computer as Ray and I sat still with our eyes locked on the screen. At then end of the clip Ray and I talked a little about how we would have done things differently with Jurgen had we this insight into the future. We would gave grabbed his hands and pleaded with tears in our eyes! I would have thrown all my pride aside and begged him to come to grips with his sin by repenting and crying out to the Lord and Savior of the world!

It is draining…I know! But shouldn’t we care like this for every stranger today and tomorrow? (Mark 12:30-31)