Tea Parties Not Only Target, Conservative Donors and Candidates

Via Libertarian Republican:

“Ms. O’Donnell, this is Dennis Martel, special agent with the U.S. Department of Treasury in Baltimore, Md. … We received information that your personal federal tax info may have been compromised and may have been misused by an individual,”


Additionally, from AllFiredUp radio, “Delaware officials admit tax snooping; won’t identify Christine O’Donnell as target”:

The director of Delaware’
s tax-collection office said Friday that his agency accessed the federal tax records in 2010 of an unnamed taxpayer, believed to be former GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell. Patrick Carter, director of the state’s division of revenue, would not identify Ms. O’Donnell as the taxpayer but said he approved the inquiry “for routine purposes.” 

“A state Division of Revenue investigator accessed records on or after March 20, 2010 following information that came to the attention of the division,” Mr. Carter said in a statement. “The record access led the state revenue investigator to conclude there was no basis for further state investigation of a taxpayer and no action was taken by the state Division of Revenue against the taxpayer.”

Politiva blog writes:

Who knows what the damage was to Christine O’Donnell’s Senate campaign from leaked IRS information on her that was both false and misleading? One thing for sure is that it didn’t help her. As she says, for someone running on tax reform and fiscal responsibility to have the media talking about your tax problems both real and made up was devastating.

So, how then does Christine get her election back? Republicans should begin calls for Coons to resign his office. Again, he was County Executive for New Castle (Wilmington, Newark), the largest county in the State. Does anyone honestly believe he didn’t know what was going on down in Dover?

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