The Son of Juan Williams, Tony, is a Republican!

Washington Times has this:

He’s the District’s “other” Tony Williams. The one without the bow tie. The one who is not the mayor. The one who is a, um, Republican.

Antonio “Tony” Williams has heard the jokes: the cracks about being a D.C. Republican and the observations that he shares a surname with the mayor.

“I get tons of jokes,” says Mr. Williams, who is running for the Ward 6 seat on the D.C. Council. “Like ‘Oh, you’re the other Tony Williams,’ or ‘Oh, what’s up, Mr. Mayor?’ ”

Mr. Williams’ aspirations are no joke, even in a city where Democrats outnumber Republicans 9-to-1.

At 26, the D.C. native has launched an ambitious campaign, and his candidacy is seen as part of the foundation for revitalizing the Republican Party in the District.

“I went into it thinking that this is a longer-term project in terms of building the party, in terms of letting people know … that there’s a different voice and that there’s a different option,” he says. “It’s been too long that we’ve just voted party ticket and gotten nothing for it.”

The son of two Democrats — his mother, Delise, is a social worker and his father, Juan, is a political commentator for the Fox News Channel — Mr. Williams registered as a Republican after watching what he calls “the death of the African-American middle class” occur under D.C. Democrats.

His social ideals are strictly Republican, favoring small-business incentives, cutting commercial property taxes and promoting a government that encourages upward mobility and personal responsibility….

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Here is another Tony Williams: