To Occupy Or Not To Occupy-That Is the Question [Answered] ~ Propaganda Is the Name of the Game

They are going home to their snug/warm beds with the heat on probably paid for by their evil, capitalist parents.

Via The Blaze

Over the past couple weeks, The Blaze has received reports that some NYC Occupy protesters have been leaving their tents at night and fleeing to a local hotel for better accommodations. And while we’re still investigating those claims, it seems now there’s evidence of something similar going on in London. The Daily Mail has published thermal imaging pictures showing that the tents at the Occupy camp near St. Paul’s Cathedral are nearly empty at night. The Daily Mail commissioned the photographs itself after images from a police helicopter showed similar findings.

….Here’s how the Telegraph explains its findings:

The footage, shot at 1230am on Tuesday Oct 25 shows a multitude of darkly coloured tents around the courtyard indicating those that were unoccupied.

On Monday the revelation was described as a “charade” and pressure was growing on the church and other authorities to evict the camp.

It would appear most of the protesters are heading home to sleep in their own beds at night rather than staying onsite.

“It is like a phantom camp – a big charade,” Matthew Richardson, a Corporation of London councillor, told the Telegraph…..