Whitehouse Shooter Spent Time In Occupy ~ Video of Occupy San Diego Holds Vigil for Him

Could you imaging the press if he had spent time in a Tea Party?

From BigGovernment via LR:

In a nearly thousand-word article written about the arrest and capture of 21-year-old Oscar Ramiro Ortega-Hernandez, a man suspected of shooting at the White House, you’ll have to read through at least six paragraphs before you get to what should be the most explosive part:

Late on Friday, the police had searched the Occupy DC protest camp, on McPherson Square just blocks from the White House, after reports that the suspect might have spent time there. Protesters there said on Wednesday that the police had been through their encampment several times since then, showing around a photograph of Mr. Ortega.

Yes, that’s right, our suspected shooter apparently spent time with Occupy.

But the memo has obviously gone out throughout the entire journOlist community that this connection must be played down to where it hardly registers at all.

Ace of Spades:

Jared Loughner never once attended a Tea Party, nor did he read Tea Party literature, or subscribe to Tea Party ideas.

Nevertheless, within 24 hours the media elected him to be Chairman Emeritus of the Tea Party movement.

A guy shoots at the White House, and guess what? He’s with the Occupy movement.

And let’s not forgot how Sarah Palin was figuratively lynched by the media for the crimes Loughner’s been charged with after it was discovered her campaign put targets on a map that, uhm, Loughner had never seen.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the media should treat Occupy like they did Palin and the Tea Party during the Gabrielle Giffords tragedy. Two abominations don’t make a right. But we all know how this story would be playing out right now if the suspect were a Tea Partier. And the worst of it is that we’ll probably never be told the truth.

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