One of the KSM CIA Interrogators Interviewed on The Kelly File


Thanks to PowerLine for the h/t for this interview, to which they mention ~ the three segments are rolled up into one at PowerLine:

…Kelly is without doubt the best interviewer on television. I don’t think there is a close second. She needed to bring all her skills to bear in the course of the interview last night (and I think she did so live).

Mitchell did not make for an an easy interview. He was guarded and angry. Kelly worked hard to get Mitchell to open up and bring the subject to life. Watching the interview, I thought Kelly would need to waterboard Mitchell himself to get him to open up. Nevertheless, the interview comes alive at about 18:00 and really takes off in the third segment (beginning at 22:48).

Quotable quotes: “I do not mind giving my life for my country, but I do mind giving my life for a food fight for political reasons between two groups of people who should be able to work it out like adults.”

“Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has the opportunity to address the charges against him, but I don’t.”

“[The Senate Intelligence Committee Democrats’ report] shows al Qaeda and the al Qaeda 2.0 folks, ISIL, that we’re divided and that we’re easy targets, that we don’t have the will to defeat them because that’s what they know. In fact, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed told me personally, ‘Your country will turn on you, the liberal media will turn on you, the people will grow tired of this, they will turn on you, and when they do, you are going to be abandoned.”

US Magazine Says Michelle Obama`s Kids on Orwellian Diet (Updated: Adam Carolla Lambasts CBS`s Leslie Stahl)



From Gateway Pundit:

You just can’t make this stuff up… Liberal 60 Minutes reporter Leslie Stahl calls it “Orwellian” that terrorist mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammad was forced to drink Ensure.

 From The Blaze:

Limbaugh laughs over this exchange, saying “These liberal newspeople can‘t believe he’s forced to drink Ensure. That’s torture to them.” Limbaugh goes on to explain a time when he was in the hospital and given Ensure for its nutrient value. He says:

For those of you who don’t know what Ensure is, it’s a dairy-based beverage that’s loaded with calories and nutrients, primarily for cancer patients who can’t eat.  It is a compassionate product.  It’s a product designed to keep people alive.

Michelle Obama’s Daughters Malia and Sasha “Have a Set Diet”

Speaking to Access Hollywood‘s Billy Bush in Des Moines, Iowa, Thursday, the 48-year-old First Lady said her daughters Malia, 13, and Sasha, 10, aren’t allowed to pig out in the White House kitchen.

“They can’t pick up the phone and order anything. They’re kids,” Michelle explained. “That’s the point that I make to them: You live in the White House, but you’re a child.”