Justin Peters Talks Specifically on Joseph Prince’s Wrong Teaching

Here are a few resources on Joseph Prince:

  1. Word Faith Prosperity Preacher Joseph Prince (Apprising Ministries)
  2. Destined to Reign…. BUT WHERE? (For the Love of HIS Truth)
  3. Joseph Prince and his message of radical grace – PLUS his word faith teachings (Let Us Reason, part 1)
  4. Grace, and the lack of personal accountability for sin (Let Us Reason, part 2)
  5. A Matter of Righteousness (Let Us Reason, part 3)
  6. Prince’s WORD FAITH TEACHING imbedded in grace (Let Us Reason, part 4)
  7. Is Joseph Prince preaching the Whole Counsel of God? (Christian Faith)
  8. Exposing A Heretic: Joseph Prince (Facebook)