IRS HID PROBE UNTIL AFTER ELECTION ~ Memory Issues of IRS Chief Steven Miller (Paul Ryan Added)

Via Weekly Standard:

Report: IRS Deliberately Chose Not to Fess Up to Scandal Before Election: “[I]f this fact came out in September 2012, in the middle of a presidential election? The terrain would have looked very different.”

Via Gateway Pundit:

IRS Chief Steven Miller told Rep. Dave Reichert at the House Ways and Means Committee hearing this morning that he can’t remember who was responsible at the IRS for targeting conservatives.

Paul Ryan gets Commissioner to admit the words “progressive” (and other liberal keywords/descriptors) was not used.

Definition of `Rogue; Off the Reservation` = Doing What Bosses Told Them to Do

Money Quote/Question

To those who think IRS snooping was masterminded by rogue agents… please explain why such snooping didn’t occur while George W. Bush was President of the United States. (Via Gay Patriot)

These “rogue” employees were getting info in 2012… the act had been happening since 2010 and the IRS has admitted to knowing about it in 2011. So how can these guys/gals be “off the reservation” in 2012? Breitbart:

FOX 19 is reporting that four Cincinnati workers have been identified for disciplinary and possible criminal action for targeting “right wing” groups applying to the IRS for non-profit status.  However, according to sources, IRS workers in Cincinnati, OH “simply did what their bosses ordered.” 

Yesterday, Acting IRS Commissioner Steve Miller described two Cincinnati workers as “rogue” and “off the reservation.”  But two sources tell the news outlet that there are four workers “pin-pointed” by the IRS, as opposed to only two as mentioned by Miller.

Fox19 has confirmed that the four employees in question made unusual requests for information from:

1. The Richmond, Virginia Tea Party in January of 2012.
2. The Ohio Liberty Council in January of 2012..
3. Dan Backer, a lawyer based in Washington D.C. who helped six small conservative groups apply for 501c4 status in February of 2012.
4. The Liberty Township Tea Party in March of 2012.

Via Gateway Pundit:

Four Cincinnati IRS employees not two were involved in targeting conservative and Christian groups. The employees said they “simply did what our bosses ordered.”

HotAir has the YouTube:

Tea Party Leader: When IRS Asked For Copies of Speeches & Names of Employers We Withdrew Our Application

Criminal! Peter Riehm, chairman of the Common Sense CampaignIRS, a conservative group was on with Neil Cavuto today. Riehm told Neal they withdrew their application after months and months of harassment.

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