Ex-Atheist Police Detective Examines the Gospels (Serious Saturday)

(First “Serious Saturday” in over a month! … No one better than Det. Wallace to fill the spot.) Video Description:

Emmanuel Faith Community Church (February 2014) – Homicide detective J. Warner Wallace presented an apologetics seminar on the subject of “Cold Case Christianity”. Wallace investigates the Gospels as a police homicide detective would and finds Christianity credible. Wallace was once a hard-core atheist. This is part of theEx-Atheists Who Converted to Christianity playlist.

Buy J. Warner Wallace’s book: Cold-Case Christianity: A Homicide Detective Investigates the Claims of the Gospels.

Couple of places to go mentioned in the presentation:

J. Warner Wallace Answers a question on the reliability of the eyewitness aspect of the Gospels

“Mr. Wallace answers well a question posed not just by this person (either a skeptic in the guise of a believer or a believer in the guise of a skeptic), but a question asked by many. His calmness and knowledge in this response should be a model for us and makes J a great fill in for Koukl as he is a great ‘ambassador.'”

From the embed information:

J Wallace, of Please Convince Me (pleaseconvinceme.com/​), filled in for Gregory Koukl on the Stand To Reason radio show (str.org/​) and took a question on the reliability of the eyewitness testimony found in the Gospels of the New Testament, and answered it only as J can.

Some resources from Wallace’s site I recommend:

Training Videos:

And podcasts numbers 154 and 184 (you can download free through iTunes.