Wanna See/Feel Christmas Spirit?

….Give It a Second to Load….

Melanie Wilson explains how she helped a gentleman and his family on Christmas Eve 2016. Truly amazing!

Judge Allows Inmate to Meet Baby for First Time

A lot of things can impact a man’s life for the good. Obviously God being one of the most transforming points of change in a person’s life. But a good woman is one that changes men. And children can also be a factor. I hope what this judge allowed re-orients this young man’s life and get’s him to think about more important things other than himself (I am speaking from experience mind you):

A Pause for some POSITIVE News via “The Rock”

(Mad World News) ….After the vet asked him for a photo at a later date, Johnson said, “Well how bout we do it right now!?” The two posed for a parking lot picture, but the star didn’t feel like that was quiet good enough after all this man has done for our country. “He said, ‘God bless you and thank you,’” The Rock recalled of their post-photo conversation, before the guy walked into the gym and the star got in his car.

Right as The Rock was driving away, he realized something. He ran back into the gym, with his own phone in hand, and asked to take a photo “with that OG who paved the way for so many of us,” he wrote in the post.