Gangs Running Security In Chicago

LEGAL INSURRECTION has an interesting story on gangs in Chicago stopping looters…

  • In Chicago, Hispanic Gangs Protect Their Neighborhoods From Looters: “Get the F*ck Out! We Won’t Let Our Neighborhood Burn” — As calls to abolish the police reach a fevered pitch, we see a glimpse of what might fill that vacuum

But this was the funniest black woman. It is like an IN LIVING COLOR skit, but not. This is another example of the black racist cults influence in the inner cities (e.g., Nation of Islam and Five-Percenters)

(STRONG LANGAUGE!) This Young Man Will Thank His Uncle for This moment One Day (This Is a Loving Family Member)


(Viral Footage h/t) Discipline and trying to save a family member in this video. This uncle is a beacon of light for this young man in a key moment in his life where choices now could mean death or prison the rest of his life. Bravo.