The 4-Big Bangs ~ Frank Pastore (Prager University)

(Originally Posted, Jul 31, 2011)

Science tells us that universe came into being via The Big Bang. But how do you get from energy and matter to a self-aware human being? That takes three additional Big Bangs that science can’t explain. Noted theologian, Frank Pastore (who died in a motorcycle accident a few years ago… he will be missed), unravels this compelling mystery and, in the process, poses the ultimate question that every thinking person must face.

Do We Have Free Will?

Do humans have free will or are our decisions entirely products of chemistry, physics, and genetics? Is there a difference between the brain and the mind? Could a neuroscientist with enough knowledge of our brains know every decision that we’ll make? The answers to these questions cut to the heart of what it means to be human.

Sad News: KKLA Host, Frank Pastore died following a tragic motorcycle accident

Frank had recently done this PragerU video:

Sad News via The Blaze:

On Monday, KKLA, a California-based Christian radio station, announced that popular host Frank Pastore, 55, died following a tragic motorcycle accident on Nov. 19. While certainly saddening, the story surrounding his injury is also eyebrow-raising. After falling into a coma, the theologian and radio host made headlines for on-air comments he issued just before the accident — statements that eerily predicted, in detail, the trauma he was to sustain.

Do You Have Free Will? ~ PragerU (Frank Pastore)

Video Description:

Do you have free will? Do you have the ability to shape your own destiny? Is there a difference between your mind and your brain? Or is free will just a convenient delusion? Are you really just a product of physical forces beyond your control? Best-selling author an acclaimed theologian Frank Pastore frames the debate the outcome of which may reshape the way you look at your life.