UK Guardian Interchanges Party Affiliation At Will (UPDATE)

Here is a wild ride of Party affiliations interchanged due to the perceived impact on Trump (NOQ REPORT):

….Georgia Democrat Erica Thomas after she claimed to be the victim of a racist rant versus Georgia Republican Erica Thomas after her story starts falling apart.

Thomas’s original claim was that a white racist told her to “go back where she came from,” echoing the “racist” Tweet made in completely different circumstances by President Trump. That story stuck all the way into a media interview until Eric Sparkes showed up. He admitted to cursing at the African-American lawmaker because she was in the express checkout lane at the grocery store with too many items. But he vehemently denies saying anything racist, including the “go back” line Thomas attributed to him.


The Guardian, through an Associated Press source, initially said Thomas was a Democrat, which she is


But once the story crumbled, she was suddenly a Republican:

BTW, I would say she is one of the worst moms. The REPORT continues:

As of the writing of this article, the correction has not been made.

People like Erica Thomas put real victims of racism at risk when they make false claims like this. But the media’s trumpeting of false narratives does nothing to help fix the situation. Both are complicit in denying the truth.

This will surely make the HATE HOAXES LIST!


(HAT-TIP to NOQ-REPORT) The video above reveals several things about Georgia state representative Erica Thomas and the man who called her a “lazy bitch,” Eric Sparkes. It reveals Sparkes made a very poor choice in confronting a 9-months pregnant woman over her use of the express lane, but more importantly it reveals the lies compounding previous lies by a Democratic politician who wanted to attract national attention through her falsified use of the victim card.