Michael Medved Quotes from Eric Dondero`s Article To Help Express Ron Paul`s Moonbattery

On Ron Paul: It’s still all about the Foreign Policy

“Racist” newsletters from Paul, stupid, silly, but real scandal is his opposition to Israel, and refusal to acknowledge Islamist attacks on America on 9/11

From KVUE TV – Austin, interview, late yesterday, “Former staffer weighs in on Paul foreign policy, newsletters”:

Dondero disagrees with Paul’s foreign policy of non-intervention and military disengagement, and he accuses the congressman of nearly voting against the U.S. invasion of Afghanistan after the September 11 terrorist attacks.

“I saw the parade of radical Islam, I saw that these people killed 3,000 of my fellow countrymen and I saw my boss sit there and just, shrug his shoulders,” said Dondero. “I can’t see any mainline Republican voter supporting Ron Paul at this point.”