MacArthur & Sproul Respond to Question of Doctrine and Grace

Originally posted at my YouTube November 8th, 2014 as a LiveLeak recovery. Now to my Rumble. I loved this answer by MacArthur in that it dispels a lot of myths of legalism and softens “dispensationalism” for the Evangelical to a healthy, well-balanced medium. Enjoy this thoughtful response by two giants in the Church today. See more at:

A favorite line:

  • “You know you’re a Christian not by the perfection of your life but by the direction of your life” — MacArthur

Dispensationalism (Animated)

The tough aspect of “Dispensationalism” made understandable. Part of the videos description:

  • I ask that you be respectful, humble, and Bible based in the comments. Teachers who approved this video do not personally hold to every view presented. Dr. Andy Woods endorsed it after it was posted. Lets put aside all comments about the rapture, Rev. 20 (1000 years), Ezekiel 40-48, and all other areas not necessary to the core of Dispensationalism. They don’t disprove Dispensationalism….