Europe’s Leaders Have No “Skin” In The Game

A couple of the comments by others under STEFAN’S TWEET:

  • Macron’s step kids are probably older than him
  • They clearly wouldn’t want to bring children into this hellish world that they are helping to bring to fruition.
  • Nor does Sweden PM Stefan Löfven or Holland PM Mark Rutte, far as I know. Maybe a few trainee Prime Ministers will migrate to Europe.
  • Explains why they have no problem destroying their own counties, they have no biological stake in it!
  • — A point well made, no emotional capital in the future of their countries. No guilt when the mayhem starts
  • Europeans liberal leftist snowflakes don’t want children. it gives stretch marks. That’s why they let in millions of migrants to make them
  • They are the Mom & Dad to the Middle East
  • Neither do my friends who voted for Killary.
  • Actually… … Thank God.
  • That would make them natural *Keynesians* (Keynes also had no children): “In the long run we are all dead”.
  • Don’t forget the Netherlands and Luxemburg.
  • They don’t need them, they’re busy nannying the whole world.
  • That means that they don’t understand the truths of life which having children teaches you.


“Do It for Denmark” ~ Demographic Reality for the West

(HotAir) Sex sells, so the axiom instructs, and it’s at least true for page views of this travel agency’s latest PR effort. After hitting YouTube yesterday, the mildly-NSFW ad already has almost 400,000 page views, mostly due to the sultry sales pitch for planning a little procreation on Danish holiday travels. Noting the precarious decline of the fertility rate among Danes, Spies Travel will hold a contest for those who become pregnant while on tour through the romantic cities of Europe (via NPR):

Russia did something similar, in that it promoted having babies for the homeland because of its falling population rates.