Which Is It Dems? Are Women Equal or Not? Larry Elder Points Out a Contradiction In Evie Hudak`s Elitist Diatribe

From video description:

Larry Elder talks about Democratic state Senator Evie Hudak’s elitist lecture to a rape survivor, Amanda Collins. “The ‘Sage’ of South-Central” shows how on one-hand Democrats say women are completely equal to men and should be allowed in all aspects of police departments and the military. On the opposite-hand they say women would be put in more danger if they are allowed to carry a weapon in order to protect themselves against criminals and rapists. Which is it?

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This seems to be a theme in Colorado, as Red State points out:

If Amanda Collins Was Carrying A Gun the Night She Was Raped, Two Other Rapes and One-Life Lost Would Never Have Happened

Cam Edwards talks to Amanda Collins, a woman who was raped at the University of Nevada – She responds to comments made about campus rape by Colorado State Rep. Joe Salazar – For more information on Amanda’s story, go to: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/04/08/… – NRA News – February 20, 2013 – http://www.NRANews.com