Susan Rice the White Houses `Fall-Guy`? ~ President Still Holds To This False Narrative

This narrative all but collapsing have caused some to wonder if the White House used Susan Rice as a fall-girl. Her responses over last weekend were likened to “borderline ignorance,” and the President — as of yesterday — is holding to this false narrative. Gateway Pundit comments on this dilemma:

Sorry, Barack… Only a useful idiot would think the violent mobs storming embassies was a “natural” reaction to an offensive video.

The Daily Caller reported:

President Barack Obama said he thinks Muslim protests against Western criticism of Islam are “natural.”

“The natural protests that arose because of the outrage over the video were used as an excuse by extremists to see if they can also directly harm U.S. interests,” Obama said during an hour-long town-hall interview on the Spanish-language Univision channel.

Obama did not use the interview to champion the right of Americans to speak freely amid criticism and threats from Islamic advocates.

He did briefly mention free-speech, saying that democracy also includes “looking out for minority rights… respecting freedom of speech… [and] treating women fairly.”

Our Representative, Buck McKeon (the 25th district), gives his own 2-cents on the matter, and nails it:

HotAir also points out the waste of taxpayer monies in trying to dissuade these protests.Something that will not happen… that is… the dissuasion of violence in Islam:

….What you’re about to see is, essentially, an official statement of patriotic disapproval, not from the Defense Department but from State. They’re spending $70,000 to air this on Pakistani television in the naive hope that the lunatics who were throwing rocks at the embassy in Islamabad this morning and who are planning massive — and state-sanctioned — “protests” tomorrow might be placated. It’s a hostage video, with American diplomats in Pakistan and American soldiers in Afghanistan as the hostages. And, as always when the government strains to show respect for Islam, there’s nothing genuinely respectful about it. The thought of Hillary cutting a video like this for the Israeli market in response to some U.S. citizen’s anti-semitic propaganda because she “respects” Judaism is unimaginable. The motive here is fear, not respect. And bizarrely, the embassy seems proud enough of it that it’s willing to advertise this clip on its own Facebook page….

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Pat Condell also points out the bottom line, in his patented way: