Some expert input on the North Korean Crisis

These are the two takes on the crisis that I think are the closest to what has and hasn’t worked and what the deal is is right now. I think combining the two make the most sense in this problem. My son asked so I posted this on his FaceBook after the following two videos (in the second video zero in on Charles Krauthammer):

Kim Jong-il is passing on the countries reins to his son, Kim Jong-Un. I like the last experts take on this whole thing. They have been producing since the 50’s, we have failed to stop it since 93′ — and there is a new nut taking control → all under the guise of China’s wanting it this way. The only way we can respond to this to make China really figure out that we aren’t playing their game anymore is to let Japan and South Korea respond in kind to North Korea’s and China’s capabilities. Almost like Reagan putting ICBM’s up along the Iron Curtain during the Cold War.