Sex Changes Now a Constitutional Right

Mutilation a Constitutional Right

A federal appeals court on Friday upheld a ruling that said the state must provide a taxpayer-funded sex change for a convicted Massachusetts murderer as part of the individual’s constitutional rights.

Slippery Slopes becoming all the rave!

I have been told, many times, after posting or sharing the above video, that this won’t happen in the States. Well, here you go… Michelle Kosilek, a convicted murderer is fighting for his “Constitutional rights” to have tax-payers foot the bill to be made a woman. (I am sure I will be adding a Prager audio to this later today)

Here is more from The Blaze (see straight AP story from CBS):

In a 2-1 ruling, the court noted that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled courts “must not shrink from their obligation to enforce the constitutional rights of all persons, including prisoners,” according to the Boston Globe.

And receiving medically necessary treatment is one of those rights, even if that treatment strikes some as odd or unorthodox,” the court reportedly said.


Bay State Conservative — rightly — opines:

Outrageous display of judicial tyranny as convicted killer will have his sex change operation paid for by Mass. citizens

GLADD and the rest of the ‘pink mafia’ are besides themselves in joy after a federal appeals court ruled that Massachusetts taxpayers must cover convicted murderer Robert/Michelle Kosilek’s sex change operation. Remember, this was a federal ruling, meaning this sort of judicial tyranny could be – and likely will be – enforced upon any state in the union. Surely, we must be in the last days of the Roman Empire now, this is beyond sickening.