Saba Ahmed Not So Moderate After-All ~ Fire & Ice

Libertarian Republican updates an older story on RPT about Saba Ahmed, the Muslim woman at the Heritage event:

A few weeks ago, a Muslim woman, Saba Ahmed, gained some attention by defending “peaceful Muslims” at a Heritage Foundation panel on holding our government responsible for the attack on our Ambassador in Libya. There are one point something billion Muslims, she said, the majority of whom are peaceful. So, westerners must be careful to distinguish particular Muslims who break the law from the majority of Muslims. 

Well, now comes a photo of this person – at the time, uneventful – leaving the courtroom with Mohamed Osman Mohamud who was charged with attempting to set off a car bomb at a Christmas Tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Oregon. Having been found guilty of the offense in a court of law, we can suppose that Mohamud is guilty of other offenses of which he has been suspected but not formally charged, such as raping a woman at Oregon State University. So what that there was probable cause to believe this man was a rapist and an attempted murderer, says Saba Ahmed, what is important is to show solidarity with a fellow Muslim.


Saba, I accuse you of denying the One True God and putting your co-religionists ahead of His laws and – even! – of claiming to represent Him when you defend rapists and murderers.

 Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children notes some of the recent political activity of Saba:

According to Erick Erickson of,

Saba Ahmed has been arrested for stalking and her family claims she was diagnosed with a mental disorder. She’s also been active at Occupy rallies denouncing American war efforts. She has made opposition to the American war against terrorism a key part of what she does.” 

Oregon Live wrote that she is running for a Congressional seat in Oregon. She switched parties in 2012 after a primary defeat for an Oregon senate seat, and ran as a “conservative Republican.” With a hijab of course

In that post, USMC simply asks after noting that Saba Ahmed is a friend of a man who tried to bomb Portland, Oregon… if she is TRULY a Moderate Muslim? 54° 40′ Or Fight has this on the “mental” disorder thingy:

Ahmed has a documented history of mental illness and a habit of stalking conservative and Republican web pages and meetings.  After Osama Bin Laden’s death in May, Ahmed claimed she had to cancel a fictitious rally in Pioneer Courthouse Square (which she never advertised or got a permit for), falsely asserting that she had received threats on the Oregon Tea Party Facebook page.

A cursory search of the internet shows that Saba Ahmed has been arrested several times, and has had at least one visit to a psychiatric hospital.

HotAir notes Saba’s background as well: “She is same Saba Ahmed that tried to win the Democratic nomination to the US House of Representatives in the 2012 cycle, only to change party affiliation to the GOP after drawing less than one percent of the Democratic vote…”

Read Erick Erickson’s story, “What Dana Milbank Does Not Tell You,” on this topic to finish off the knowledge base on this.