Robots: To Deliver Pizza Faster or Take Over the World?

Of course between friends conversation can sometimes lean towards which will come first… a robocalypse or a zombocalypse. On my Facebook, I posted that first video with this:

  • “…imagine this sitting dormant, maybe under some post-apocalyptic trash and debris partly covering it… a thick layer of dust. Just waiting for it’s sensors to pick up movement of persons…”

To which one of my boys said it will be used to deliver pizza faster with the accompanying Rick and Morty video to the right. I then came across this article, which of course is lightheartedly titled,

KILLING MACHINES Hacked robots could attack humans, burgle people’s homes and KILL their pets, experts warn — Researchers claim robots could ‘poison family members and pets by mixing toxic substances with food or drinks.”

The article reads in part:

“…Compromised robots could even hurt family members and pets with sudden, unexpected movements, since hacked robots can bypass safety protections that limit movements.”

But it gets worse.

As robots get smaller they “could start fires in a kitchen” or “poison family members and pets by mixing toxic substances in with food or drinks”.

Family members and pets “could be in further peril if a hacked robot was able to grab and manipulate sharp objects”.

There’s also a burglary risk, the experts claimed.

Robots integrated with home automation systems could unlock and open doors and deactivate home alarms….

Another friend said he was getting this Old Glory Insurance as soon as he got home…