Psalm 22:16 | “Pierced” or “Like a lion”

The Case for Messiah seeks to answer some the biggest questions and objections to the Messianic interpretation of scripture and strengthen your faith. In this Episode we dive into the Rabbinic Objections of our reading of Psalm 22 and modern and contextual arguments against the rabbinic interpretations. Dig deeper into one of the most powerful prophecies of the bible and let the roots of your faith be strengthened by this powerful podcast!

CLAIM 1: Christians corrupted original “like a lion” to “they pierced.”
CLAIM 2: Everywhere else כארי is used means “like a lion.”
CLAIM 3: Two other verses in Psalm 22 refers to lions, so this has to be a lion.
CLAIM 4: The New Testament never quotes this verse.
CLAIM 5: Psalm 22 is only about David.

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Find out if Psalm 22 really speaks of the piercing of Jesus’ hands and feet, or whether it speaks of lions’ teeth instead.

Is Psalm 22 a prophetic psalm or does it refer to the story of David? Find out as Dr. Brown explains this psalm!