Parenting Fail! Turning Children Into Terrorists

Some LiveLeak comments (in case you do not know, there is a stabbing tactic in play in Israel by Palestinians… this is why the Muslim kids stabbing attack at a California college shows his solidarity [beyond being on the terror watch list and the Qur’anic and Allah references in his “manifesto“]):

  • Awwwwww. Such a cute future terrorist.
  • You’ll be able to see the video of this kid getting filled full of lead, after trying to stab an Israeli soldier shortly.
  • Palestine.. I don’t know but I think the world would go crazy if it were jews in the video. But we all know that that won’t ever happen, because Jews are willing to live in peace and accept the democratic rights of each individual. Palestine should be in EUROPE. what? why not? you like them and support them right, take these fucks then. The thing is that you EUROS think this is not true and it’s very rare but wait, they grow up like this and in their 13s, they stab innocent jews in their own land, who were on the way to their family dinner goddamn it.
  • Oh look, the Moderator bastards have removed ‘Arab’ from the title. In case you’re unaware, they’re teaching the kid to stab Israelis.
  • speechless
  • There you have it. That’s the kind of shit we’re up against.

Children’s TV-Shows over-there: