Not Radical Enough ~ Buyers Remorse

(h/t Verum Serum) What I want the “reader” (watcher) to note is that there is an undercurrent in the Democratic base that says Obama is not radical enough. Trust me, he is radical, but it is telling what the base of the Democrats REALLY want. Also, the “Obama” flag was donated to OWS, I will remind the reader about them after the video:

OWS Tally:

Overdoses, pushing conservative women down stairs, Molotov cocktails, urine and blood splattered on small business vendors, more ACORN connections, MLK’s niece comes out against movement, more antisemitism, OWS Leaders staying in $700 hotel; Gun and Ammo found (and rented truck); OWS yell at/threaten children; more rapes (a man and multiple women); White House shooter was at OWS for cover; child porn arrests; Arrested for public masturbation in front of kids; death toll reaches 7; lice, ringworm, super TB, lung issues (and probably STDs); a drama queen faking loss of pregnancy; tallied up to over $20-million in damages/clean up; 30-tons of trash picked up from L.A. occupy; L.A. Occupy was making weapons to use on police; Oakland occupy murderer arrested; still defacing the 9/11 memorial; Dems raise campaign money from… all while these groups support the movement; OWS block ambulance carrying stabbed police officer; block woman in wheel chair; 10-million[+] in Arson; occupy Israeli consulate; more ACORN connections & $$ behind Chicago “protests”; teacher unions busing in teachers; more deaths* ~ beaten to death; stabbed cop; leader of Rose Parade occupy convicted thief, 9-11 truther and former dem assembly politician; violent crime up 22% in D.C. connected with OWS; burn U.S. flags; D.C. McPherson camp – Rat-infested, Diseased, Meth-smoking, flying flags of Islamic Terrorists; L.A. Mayor has to lay off workers because of $COST$ of clean-up; Shut down ports, etc, etc, etc.

*(9 deaths, 5 found dead in tents, One found dead after 2 days – 2 murders – Tens of millions of dollars in damages, layoffs, vandalism, law breaking – Multiple Rapes – Thousands of arrests – Public masturbation – Feces)

Groups officially suporting OWS

• Communist Party USA

• American Nazi Party

• Ayatollah Khamenei, Supreme Leader of Iran

• Barack Obama (who received more donations from wall street than any other 2008 politician)

• The government of North Korea

• Revolutionary Communist Party

• David Duke

• Joe Biden

• Hugo Chavez

• Revolutionary Guards of Iran

• Black Panthers (original)

• Socialist Party USA

• US Border Guard (A Nazi group)

• The I.W.W. (Industrial Workers of the World)

• CAIR (A Muslim org. connected to terrorists in a Federal trial)

• Nancy Pelosi (who was one of the masterminds to regulate Fanny and Freddie to be forced to accept people who couldn’t afford housing loans to get them)

• Communist Party of China

• Hezbollah

• 9/

• International Bolshevik Tendency

• White Revolution

• International Socialist Organization

• PressTV (Iranian government outlet)

• Marxist Student Union

• Freedom Road Socialist Organization

• ANSWER (A George Soros Funded org)

• Party for Socialism and Liberation

• Weather Underground (a domestic terrorist group)