No Ma’am – Misogyny vs. Objectifying

Here is a portion of Prager’s article:

…So why do so many women — and men — call Trump a misogynist?

Because he has so often described women in sexual terms. Because, as the charge goes, he “objectifies” women.

Now, before responding to that, it is worth noting that this clearly disturbs college-educated women and men far more than it does those who did not attend college, which either means the college-educated are wiser on this matter, or the non-college-educated are wiser.

As in most matters, my position is that college makes most people less wise. You have to go to college to think that men who see women they find attractive as sex objects hate women. Throughout history, women understood that men sexually objectify women, that this is male nature and has nothing — repeat, nothing — to do with hatred. Only the well-educated equate sexual objectification with hatred.

If sexually objectifying women makes men haters of women, then gay men hate men, because gay men sexually objectify men exactly the same way heterosexual men objectify women.

If you have a problem with this — and I can understand why people do — you need to take it up with God or Charles Darwin. But this is how male sexual nature works: It objectifies the object of its sexual attraction — male or female.

The good news is that every healthy male is capable of both respecting women and sexually objectifying them. Even Donald Trump.