New View/Video of Plane Hitting WTC South Tower

GATEWAY PUNDIT notes that the uploaders point about leaving it in “private” on YouTube just doesn’t add up:

A Gateway Pundit reader pointed out that “YouTube was launched on February 14, 2005.”

Another reader wrote, “YouTube was founded in 2005 and didn’t really take off until the end of that year. That’s at least 4 years where the “I accidentally left it private” explanation doesn’t hold water. In 2001, most of us could barely watch videos on our dial-up internet, much less upload them. We were all glued to our analog NTSC cathode ray tube TVs watching news networks that would have paid good money for this footage. What’s the real story here?”

Another reader said, “The video was posted a year ago. If he really posted it many years ago, all he would have to do is change the setting from private to public, and the upload date would not change. So his story makes no sense.”

[I made that same point with a buddy]

In a shocking development, a previously unseen video of the September 11 attacks has surfaced on YouTube, capturing a rare angle of the second plane striking the 9/11. (Uploaded Feb 24, 2022):