Mollie Tibbetts

This was a sad story… one that happens too often. John and Ken discuss Mollie Tibbetts and her murderer, Christian Bahena-Rivera. The media bias in this reporting is touched upon as well.


ALSO, some crime stats here are key to the discussion (PDF),  as well as the response to CATO by John Lott.

Here is the very short excerpt and it’s description:

This is just a very short clip of a longer audio (here: ) of John and Ken discussing Mollie Tibbetts and her murderer, Christian Bahena-Rivera. According to the DAILY CALLER, he was employed by a Republican small business owner

  • “He worked on Yarrabee Farms, which is owned by the family of GOP official Craig Lang, who was a former 2018 Republican candidate for state secretary of agriculture, according to reports by the Des Moines Register.”

who may have illegally had him in their employ? However, he was an example of the DACA young… so did he have his temporary papers? I have no idea. This was clipped from the larger audio for use on my post HERE.