Media Bias in Headlines from the Past Two Days (Plus some past examples showing the `left lean`)

Just some headlines to exemplify the neutrality of the mainstream media:

★ Ex-Newsweek’s Alter Slams Paul Ryan Budget As ‘Cruel’ (MSNBC)

★ Ex-Newsweek’s Fineman Slams Chris Christie Speech as ‘Nasty’ and ‘Mean’ (MSNBC)

★ CNN Analyst Ridicu

les ‘Sledgehammer’ GOP Platform on Abortion

★ Joy Behar (CNN): People Like Romney and Ryan Are ‘Trying to Kill Us’

★ Artur Davis Schools CNN: ‘Easy’ ‘to Do What You Guys Are Doing’

★ ABC Hammers at Romney’s ‘Likability Problem’

★ MSNBC’s O’Donnell [an self-proclaimed socialist] Rips Ann Romney For Ignoring ‘Struggling’ Women Who Rely on Government

★ NBC’s Brian Williams Obnoxiously Presses Rubio About GOP’s ‘Rape Debate’

★ MSNBCers Upset at ‘Bar Bouncing’ Boehner’s ‘Ugly Imagery’

★ CNN Asks If GOP Holding Convention Tuesday Is ‘Appropriate’

★ CNN’s Acosta Tries to Put Obama’s ‘You Didn’t Build That’ In Context

★ Pelley Pushes Ann Romney on ‘Whether Republicans Have Women’s Best Interests at Heart?’

★ NYTimes Fills News Gap With Overblown Stories on Discord Among ‘Straight-Laced’ GOP ‘Squares’

★ Former NBC Reporter Tells Maddow: All Romney Has Going For Him Is His Whiteness

★ Actual Washington Post Headline: ‘Did God Plan Isaac to Punish Republicans?’

★ NBC Panel Slams Christie As ‘Bully’ Who ‘Will Never Be Accepted Across This Country’

★ Charlie Rose to Marco Rubio: ‘Many People Worry’ GOP Is Anti-Hispanic

★ Yahoo’s David Chalian (ABC/Yahoo Live-feed): Romneys ‘Happy to Have a Party With Black People Drowning’

★ Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital; Mitt Romney Gets Rolling Stoned: Former Music Mag Dedicates Latest Edition to Bashing Romney [The former music magazine known as Rolling Stone published three hit pieces on Mitt Romney this week.]

Just a couple of examples of the “straight” “down-the-line” reporting of the non existent media bias.