Mark Steyne Rapes Two Liberals

Here is Mark’s commentary on his site (the entire debate can be found here as well. Steyn’s closing argument can be found here). Take note the large change in view from listening to debate on the issue towards the conservative view. That is because a) it is the stronger — fact filled truly compassionate viewpoint… as compared to an emotionally filled and obfuscated position. The second reason the large change happened is because in Europe, the opposing viewpoint is never heard. There is no “talk radio,” no conservative public viewpoints available to the masses in Europe. So when people hear the rational positions held [for the first time] by conservatives they change their minds to fit the evidence.

On Friday night, Mark took to the stage of Toronto’s Roy Thomson Hall for the Munk Debate. With Rudyard Griffiths moderating, Steyn and UKIP leader Nigel Farage took on former UN Human Rights Commissioner Louise Arbour and historian Simon Schama over the tide of migrants sweeping Europe.

The debate was broadcast live across North America – in Canada on CPAC, in the United States on C-SPAN (TV and radio)….


At the start of the debate, the audience voted 77 per cent pro, 23 per cent con. At the end of the debate, they voted again:

The post debate vote is 55% pro and 45% con. The con side shifted 22% of the vote from the pre-debate results. Con wins.

So Steyn & Farage doubled their vote over the course of the night, which is not a bad result with a tough Trudeaupian crowd.