Liberal Violence vs. Tea Party Violence (Plus Alex Jones Craziness)

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  • Will Documented Liberal Violence Be Dealt With When Undocumented Tea Party Violence Was Demanded to Be Dealt With? (Plus: Alex Jones Craziness)

FoundingBloggers has [had… gone off the WWW now] a great “investigative” report, seeing if the same question would engender the same violence it did from Bob Etheridge. (This is with thanks to BigGovernment) This question, “do you fully support the Obama agenda,” is only a dangerous question in D.C., where the Left believes in an unquestioned adherence to their political will/agenda… so much so, that any misstep demands a “Who Are You!”

To catch you up to speed on the FoundingBloggers Alex Jones revealing of his fascistic attitude, here is is. The fascists yelling over their opposition (see the “TigerHawk” and “Audacious Epigone” examples in that post) used in the rise of Hitler is on display here by Alex Jones. He should look in the mirror.


These FEMA Camps were debunked, as shown here:

FEMA Camp Video Debunked – Crockett, Texas

I have a “FEMA CAMP” debunking page but all the videos have disappeared. Not because of a conspiracy, but because these are really old videos and peoples accounts are closed for a variety of reasons. This (and the others I will upload as I find them) have a very low resolution. I will sharpen them a bit, but they become grainy (fair warning). This comes from an old “TEA Party” era radio show (VLOG/podcast). Enjoy the preservation of an important debunking of the FEMA Camps B.S. I will post my link to my page when I rebuild it. But POPULAR MECHANICS has a decent debunking. Also METABUNK has an excellent post on this.

SEE ALSO my Alex Jones part of my PAGE showing he is a fruit cake at best!