LIAR! Obama lied and knew no shovel ready jobs existed (this is what he pushed the stimulus through with though)

From HotAir:

And of course, this wouldn’t have been news all the time while Barack Obama kept claiming that these “shovel ready jobs” had prosperity just around the corner, right?  Brooks says that the admission came in an off-the-record session with the President, which kept him from reporting it.  I wonder if Brooks or anyone else would have been that particular had George Bush admitted “off the record” that he knew Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction in 2003 or 2004, while continuing to make the argument that the war was necessary because of them.  What happened to sourcing as “a senior administration official”?  Did it not occur to Brooks that Obama was lying about these jobs over the past year to defend his economic policies, and that Brooks might have had a responsibility to make that known?  Good to know that the New York Times prints all the news that fits — its agenda.


Sounds as though Brooks’ information shows that the administration has lied all along. But at the Times, that’s not news.

This media bias should be more than apparent, and the disdain for real news because of the smirk Brooks had on his face the whole time he talked about this issue of him knowing. It is elitism on display and it makes me sick to think the President and the mainstream media thinks its okay to lie to the general public.