King Elsy and some Comparative Religious Viewpoints (A Great Song!)

If you watch the video, there is footage of Selassie in it. Seallasie IS JAH in most reggae songs. For instance, when Bob Marley sings this, “We know when we understand, a mighty God is a living man,” he is singing about Selassie mainly. Here is a great 3-page store of information on this topic (click to enlarge):

Rasta-1 Rasta-2 Rasta-3

There is also bad thinking on who took and supported slavery — in general — the most. Less than 10% of African slaves were hunted down and captured by whites, most were captured by fellow Africans or Arabs. I realize this sounds callous and unforgiving for the crimes white American’s played in the role of slavery, but that isn’t my intention with displaying these raw facts. Slavery is not an invention of the white man but of all humans at all times, displaying our brokenness and need for a savior and a fulfillment of the law. Also, here is a snippet from a larger forum debate I had in the early 2000’s:


Debate – Slavery and Bible