Ivanka Trump’s Outing By Jewelry Company

The WASHINGTON TIMES notes this:

Ivanka Trump reportedly purchased an ear cuff Tuesday from the Lady Grey Jewelry website only to be mocked by the company’s owners on social media.

Sabine Le Guyader and Jill Martinelli, who released their first Lady Grey collection in 2009, posted on Instagram a handwritten note addressed to the Republican presidential nominee’s daughter after she reportedly purchased an $84 gold Helix Ear Cuff online.

The YOUNG CONSERVATIVES note some dissenting Tweets that show this breaking of privacy between the company and one it’s customers shows a lack of professionalism:

SNOPES brings in the idea that Lady Grey may have fabricated this story to increase sales, and that Ivanka never actually ordered from them. That being said, here are some more posts from FaceBook showing the distaste left in the general publics mind about such a thing:

For longer examples of Tweets that show disapproval to what Lady Grey did, see BIZPAC REVIEW.