Death Cult Leader Arrested-Mexico

Religion News Blog news on a cult that I believe drive the religious nature of the murderous drug cartels:

(Reuters) – Mexican police have arrested the leader of Mexico’s “Saint Death” cult and accused him of kidnapping and posing as a member of the feared Zetas drug cartel.

David Romo, considered the high priest of a cult with millions of followers across the Americas, was presented to the media on Tuesday in the Mexican capital after being arrested in late December along with eight others including a minor.

Romo, 42, is accused of helping to kidnap two elderly people and depositing the ransom payment in his bank account, Mexico City’s attorney general’s office said.


The Zetas are one of Mexico’s most violent drug gangs that are fighting rivals and security forces across the country in a four-year-long battle that has killed more than 30,000 people.